But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

Through my Christ-centered life and inventive spirit, my vision is to inspire entrepreneurial men to embrace their identity in Christ and live with a Biblical worldview.

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What is a Biblical Worldview?

A Biblical worldview is a way of understanding and interpreting the world through the lens of the Bible. It involves seeing all aspects of life—such as morality, purpose, relationships, and decision-making—through the teachings and principles found in the Scriptures. A Biblical worldview acknowledges God as the creator and sustainer of the universe, recognizes the authority of the Bible, and seeks to align thoughts, behaviors, and values with Biblical teachings. This perspective emphasizes living a life that honors God, adheres to Biblical truth, and reflects the character of Jesus Christ.

Why the Kingdom of God Needs More Entrepreneurs:

A Journey from Addiction to Entrepreneurship

Jeremy Van Winkle, Author

In the journey of faith, God often calls us from places of darkness into His marvelous light, and in that light, we find not just salvation but also a calling. For many, like myself, that calling has led to entrepreneurship—a path where the transformative power of God can be used to impact industries, communities, and individual lives. My own journey from addiction to entrepreneurship is a testament to how God can use our deepest struggles to forge our greatest victories.

From Addiction to a New Creation

My story is not just about overcoming addiction; it's about how God took my broken pieces and made something new. There was a time when my life was in shambles, controlled by the compulsive need for substances that promised solace but delivered only chaos. Through God’s grace, the chains of addiction were broken, and I found a new purpose. The transformation was profound—not only spiritually but also intellectually and emotionally. In this newfound clarity, I saw opportunities where I once saw obstacles. Entrepreneurship became my ministry, a way to serve others and create value that extends beyond profits, reaching into the lives of individuals and communities, inspiring change and fostering development.

Embracing the Call: VinMint and TUFR Tech

As I embraced my entrepreneurial call, I founded several ventures, each with a mission rooted in my faith and my commitment to transformation and service.

VinMint emerged from my passion for the Powersport industry and my understanding of technology's potential to revolutionize traditional systems. At VinMint, we prove the ownership of vehicles digitally by placing an NFC chip on a vehicle and minting that chip to the blockchain. This innovation bridges the physical and digital worlds, ensuring secure and transparent records from service histories to ownership papers.

TUFR Tech was born from a desire to blend security with convenience in the Powersport vehicles market. Our flagship product, Stealth, pairs with a mobile app to utilize smartphone biometrics, allowing users to lock and unlock their vehicles seamlessly. This technology not only enhances security but also integrates features like dealer mode, service mode, and over-the-air firmware updates, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and user-focused innovation.

The Digital Safe and GunLox

The journey continued with GunLox and its companion app, The Digital Safe. This venture is particularly close to my heart, combining my commitment to safety with my dedication to responsible gun ownership. GunLox offers a biometric solution that secures firearms effectively, ensuring that they are accessible only to authorized users. This technology addresses critical issues of safety and responsibility, echoing my own journey towards recovery and responsible entrepreneurship.

The Role of Entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of God

Entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of God are not just business creators; they are visionaries who see potential where others see problems. They are called to be leaders, innovators, and ministers in their respective fields, transforming societies by embedding the principles of the Kingdom into every venture—integrity, stewardship, compassion, and innovation.

The entrepreneurial journey in the Kingdom is about more than financial success; it's about creating a legacy of impact, guided by faith and fueled by God’s purpose. As entrepreneurs, we are positioned uniquely to craft solutions that reflect God’s mercy, justice, and love, addressing worldly challenges through heavenly perspectives.


As I reflect on my journey from addiction to entrepreneurship, I am reminded that God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. For those of us who have experienced His transformative power, entrepreneurship becomes more than a career—it becomes a calling to participate in God’s ongoing work of restoration and redemption. The Kingdom of God needs more entrepreneurs because the world needs more of the Kingdom's light, brought forth through our work, our products, and our lives.

Let us then step forward in faith, with entrepreneurial zeal, ready to serve, innovate, and lead in the Kingdom for such a time as this.

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